Huion Inspiroy 2 pen tablet series includes the Inspiroy 2 S, Inspiroy 2 M & Inspiroy 2 L » Gadget Flow

Inspire yourself and have a great time using the Huion Inspiroy 2 pen tablet series. Altogether, the collection includes 3 models: Inspiroy 2 S, Inspiroy 2 M, and Inspiroy 2 L. Designed to encourage a fun and creative life, the tablets come in sizes for all your different needs. Available in small, medium, and large, they also come in super fun hue options. In fact, the 2 S comes in Sakura Pink and Black options, the 2 M comes in Pine Green and Black colors, and the 2 L comes in black. Designed with the younger generation in mind, it has Group Keys and a Scroller. A unique addition to pen tablets, the Scroller acts like a mouse scroll wheel. This gives you easy access around your tablet. then, you can press any of the Group Keys, and it activates the corresponding group of shortcuts immediately.

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