How to watch all MLS games with MLS Season Pass

MLS Season Pass is the new subscription service, available on the Apple TV app, that lets customers watch every Major League Soccer game with no blackouts or regional restrictions. Each game will be streamed live, with replays and highlights available to watch on demand after. There’s also a hosted MLS 360 whip-around show to recap all the games taking place that day.

MLS Season Pass is priced at $14.99/month, or $99 or a season. Apple TV+ subscribers can get the pass at a discounted rate $12.99/month or $79 a season. Here’s more details on how to watch MLS this year.

MLS Season Pass represents a first-of-its-kind deal between a sports league and a streaming service. In a ten year exclusive deal, Apple is the exclusive streaming destination for Major League Soccer worldwide. The Season Pass encompasses every MLS regular season match, playoffs and MLS Cup games, and Leagues Cup fixtures.

This means all games are available to watch streaming and on-demand, regardless of where you live. (Some games will be simulcast on broadcast networks like Fox, but those games will also be watchable via MLS Season Pass.)

MLS Season Pass broadcasts games in English and Spanish, with dedicated on-air talent for each. Games featuring Canadian teams will also be broadcast in French. MLS games are streamed in high bit-rate 1080p quality with 5.1 surround sound. Viewers can also choose to tune into the local radio station commentators for the home team, instead of the MLS broadcast crew.

MLS games will be held at roughly the same time: kickoff at 7.30pm local time, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. MLS 360 is a new whip-around show that will feature highlights and analyst commentary on all games being played that day, also watchable as part of the MLS Season Pass subscription.

Do I need Apple TV+ to watch MLS?

No. You do need to use the Apple TV app, but you do not need a subscription to Apple TV+ itself. Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service for original content. MLS Season Pass is available as a separate channel inside the TV app. As mentioned before, Apple TV+ subscribers can get a discount if they opt for the MLS Season Pass.

How to watch MLS for free

You can get MLS Season Pass for free in a couple of ways. If you are a T-Mobile subscriber, you can use the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion. This gives you a code to redeem MLS Season Pass for free, for the 2023 season. Just remember to cancel or it will renew at the standard price.

If you are a season ticket holder to any MLS club, you are also entitled to one free MLS Season Pass subscription. You can get a redemption code through your club partner; they will email it to you.

MLS Season Pass can also be shared with up to six people at no additional charge. This is using Apple’s Family Sharing system, so if one person in the family has a Season Pass, five others in the family group can use their subscription without paying more. 

Also, some MLS games are available to watch for free without needing the Season Pass. Each week, a few games will be available in front of the paywall so you don’t need to pay anything to tune in — including the entire of opening weekend. Even more matches will be streamed free for Apple TV+ subscribers, without subscribing to the full Season Pass.

How to find MLS in the Apple TV app

MLS Season Pass is exposed as an Apple TV channel. To find Apple TV channels, go to the Watch Now tab in the TV app and scroll down until you find the Channels row — it looks like a list of circular buttons. The first channel in the list will be Apple TV+, the second will be MLS Season Pass. Tap on the button to enter the MLS Season Pass area. Unfortunately, there’s not a good way to add a Channel shortcut so you don’t have to scroll around so much each time you open the app.

If you are in the United States, MLS content is also prominently featured as a tab in the main navigation of the TV app. This is a great shortcut to get to the MLS Season Pass content. You can also use the My Sports feature to add your favorite teams, allowing games from those teams to be automatically recommended to you in your Up Next queue.

MLS Season Pass isn’t showing in the Apple TV app

If you cannot find MLS Season Pass in the Apple TV app, like if you try searching for MLS Season Pass and the app says “There were no results”, then you need to update your app/device. MLS Season Pass content requires a recent version of the Apple TV app in order to be displayed.

If you are searching for MLS Season Pass on an Apple device like iPhone or iPad, then you should update your iOS (or macOS) operating system through Settings. This will update the TV app to the latest version. Then, the MLS content will appear. If you are watching on the TV app for other platforms, such as games consoles, update the app using the appropriate method. If you are on a preview or beta version of the app, delete it and download the official TV app for that platform.

How to watch MLS Season Pass on Android and Windows

Unfortunately, the only way right now for Android and Windows users to watch is to use the website, available at You can log in with your Apple ID account and watch MLS games through the web browser. The web app experience is mediocre, at best, though.

A native Apple TV Windows app is currently in beta testing and should launch later in 2023. Apple has not yet announced plans for an Apple TV Android app. (The Apple TV app can be found on most Android TV platforms, just not Android phones or tablets.)

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