How Apple Silicon’s focus on efficiency can benefit even the highest-end Macs

As the Apple Silicon transition continues, a new report from today highlights the impressive gains Apple has seen not only in performance but also in efficiency. In an interview with the Independent, Apple product marketing team member Doug Brooks discussed what motivated the transition, the current state of the Mac lineup, and more.

Brooks explains that Apple saw the “incredible capabilities and performance” of its custom chins in the iPhone and iPad, which gave the company a “tremendous belief on where that could take the Mac.”

“As we got into several generations of iPhone, and iPad, and we saw the incredible capabilities and performance they were delivering – on top of that the innovation in other areas around other technologies that went into the [chip] – we had tremendous belief on where that could take the Mac.

And so when we ventured into the Apple Silicon transition in 2020, that was really our time to, you know, jump in and take advantage of that.

The trajectory was just amazing, right, and we had worked generation over generation to get more capabilities that really gave us a tremendous trajectory to believe Apple silicon could be transformative, and we’re extremely proud how well that has done.”

One of the more interesting comments from Books in this interview came when he was asked about how the Apple Silicon transition might impact the performance of higher-end computers, such as the Mac Pro. In particular, Brooks was asked if there are any “disadvantages” to the higher-end Macs getting the “advantages of a mobile chip, in the form of extra efficiency, and more”

“I don’t think so,” says Brooks. “I think the Mac product line that we’re building today is the best we’ve ever had, right? And inherently, so much of that comes from the incredible performance and power efficiency that the Apple Silicon provides.

And that builds on the legacy that we started with the iPhone. So I think it’s been just a tremendous advantage for us.”

The full piece, which also takes an inside look at Apple labs and offices in Munich, can be found on the Independent’s website.

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