Here’s where people buy their iPhones, iPads, and Macs

In a report last year from CIRP, we learned that most iPhone purchases in the US happen at carriers, not Apple. And in March this year, we got a look at where iPad and Mac US sales are happening. Now CIRP is back to close out 2023 with a report that looks at that same data to answer the question, “How’s the Apple Store Doing?” Here’s where people have bought their Apple devices for 2023.

In a report today titled “How’s the Apple Store Doing?” CIRP shared its latest data. Compared to the previous results, the new data shows some of the trends continuing, like carriers’ share of iPhone sales growing and Apple’s share of Mac sales increasing.

Where do people buy iPhones?

71% of US iPhone sales between September 2022 and 2023 happened at carriers, that’s up from 67%. And that pushed Apple’s share of US iPhone sales down to 21%.

Where do people buy iPads?

US iPad sales remained the most diverse – and were similar to the last report – with Apple taking 30%, Best Buy and Amazon tying with 19% each, and carriers accounting for 15%.

Where do people buy Macs?

Apple’s continued to dominate US Mac sales. That grew from 39% in the last report to 47% with Best Buy taking 24%, and Amazon in third with 14%.

Retailer Share of US iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales (twelve months ending in September 2023) via CIRP

Even though Apple is continuing to lose ground on US iPhone sales to carriers, CIRP sees the Apple Store as “doing pretty well in 2023.”

The study also highlights that Best Buy and Amazon are the two most important retailers for Apple products. Notably, “Best Buy’s more than 900 stores in the US bring Apple hardware to customers outside the reach of the approximately 275 Apple Stores in the US.”

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