Hands on with the X36 iPad Desk Arm

As someone who is an iPad enthusiast and uses their iPad as their main form of computing, I have gone through an abundance of iPad stands. Some good, and some, not so good. The variety of iPad stands we have nowadays is so robust, it’s hard to choose. You can get just a rigid one with a lip to hold the iPad, there are magnetic ones, others that charge your iPad wirelessly, and some that even have USB-C hubs in their base. Depending on the way you go, it seems that you are having to sacrifice something. But Kuxiu’s new X36 foldable magnetic stand might be as close to perfect as it gets.


Let’s start with the design of this iPad arm. The first thing you notice is the premium quality and the heavy-duty nature. They use a combination of aluminum for the arms and stainless steel for each axis. It’s also a very simple yet elegant design that matches the Apple aesthetic. The install was extremely easy and self-explanatory. Once it’s set up and mounted onto the desk, just slap your iPad onto the magnetic plate, and you are all set.

Once I got it set up I noticed that the stability of this iPad arm stand was amazing. Each hinge and axis was extremely sturdy; it held up in any position. The magnet strength was on another level. The iPad fits securely on the magnetic plate and the strength of the magnet allows you to adjust the arm very easily without accidentally popping off the iPad.

Versatility & adjustability

One of the main things I wanted out of an iPad stand is to be able to use it in multiple ways without needing to take the iPad off the stand. For instance, sometimes I just want my iPad to be level with my monitor and use the iPad as my computer. But there are times where I need to use the iPad, well, as an iPad, and be able to take handwritten notes or edit a thumbnail. With most iPad stands, I would need to remove it from the stand and put it on a surface to use the Apple pencil. The X36 stand solves this issue perfectly.

The X36 stand gives you basically an infinity amount of heights, viewing angles, and depth adjustability. I can have it all the way above the monitor, I can pull it close to me and towards the desk to have a drawing surface, and it even tilts so I can have it flanking me when I am doing something on the main monitor. The length of the arm is perfect as well; I am using a desk that is 30in deep, and it can extend all the way to the end very comfortably.

Ease of use

The X36 iPad armstand excels in offering an unparalleled user experience by combining simplicity with flexibility. The intuitive design of the stand ensures attaching the iPad is a breeze. The white line on the stand pad serves as a clear guide, allowing users to easily secure their iPads in the correct alignment. Beyond the simplicity of attachment, the stand shines in its mobility. It’s easy to maneuver, enabling users to seamlessly adjust the iPad’s position according to their comfort and convenience. Whether you are working at your desk, cooking in the kitchen, or relaxing in bed, the stand’s flexibility allows you to use your iPad in a multitude of scenarios without any hassle. The stand maintains its stability and secure hold in every setting, ensuring users can interact with their iPads freely and with confidence.

Pricing, availability, & final thoughts

Kuxiu X36 stand is available for a few different iPad models. I was using the one for the 12.9in iPad Pro. They also make it for the 11in iPad Pro and it works with the 10.9 iPad Air. If you order it directly from their website they offer it in two different colors, silver and space grey. When it comes to pricing it is usually listed between $92 and $95 with some deals also happening! For the build quality and use cases, this is well worth the money.

To summarize my experience with the X36, for me, it was exactly what I needed and wanted. It fits perfectly into my all iPad workflow. It allows me to use my iPad in multiple ways on my desk like in tablet mode, but also in stand mode. The build quality is extremely premium as well! If you are in a similar situation as I am, then this is a no-brainer.

What do you think about this stand? Is it something you would use? Do you use a stand with your iPad currently? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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