GRID offering discounts on iPhone frames during its anniversary

GRID is a company that repurposes devices like the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook by disassembling them into nostalgic art pieces. The frames have a sleek, modern design that fits well in any home or office. And to celebrate the company’s third anniversary, GRID is now offering special discounts on its products – including iPhone frames – for a limited time.

GRID 3rd anniversary special offers

You may have come across GRID’s frames before. The company offers frames with various Apple products, including the original iPhone, iPhone 4s, iPad mini, and the first MacBook Air. It also has frames featuring other items like Nintendo’s GameBoy and an NES Controller.

My first GRID product was the GRID 4S, which has become a notable decoration in my home. I also took a look back at the evolution of iPhone hardware using GRID frames, highlighting the progression from the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, in addition to the GRID iPad mini.

The GRID iPad mini follows the same recipe as the company’s other framed devices. This one, however, is quite unique as we’re talking about a product that’s much larger than a phone or smartwatch. Seeing the insides of an iPad is fascinating enough, and having these parts in a frame is even better.

If you’ve never had a GRID frame before or want to increase your collection, there’s a special offer going on with 15% discounts on many of the frames available. For example, GRID 4S is down from $169 to $99. You can also find the GRID Watch for $199 and the GRID 6 Plus for $179.

For those looking for products other than Apple, GRID has frames for Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance and DS Lite and Sony’s PSP – ranging from $179 to $199.

GRID frames

The offer is valid from September 8 through September 10. It’s worth noting that GRID ships the frames to multiple countries around the globe. Check out the GRID website for all the anniversary offers.

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