Google I/O 2023 date has been revealed, and you can register now for the event

Update (Mar 7, 5:30 pm ET): Google I/O 2023 takes place on May 10.

What you need to know

  • Google has started teasing I/O 2023 with a new series of puzzles.
  • There are a total of six different main puzzles to complete, along with another that involves rearranging the main ones. 
  • Despite being solved by some, the verdict is still out on when Google I/O 2023 will take place.

Another year, another time for Google to start teasing everyone about its yearly developer conference. Google I/O 2023 is seemingly right around the corner, as there's a new I/O-themed puzzle. And we mean that both literally and figuratively. 

In true Google fashion, the company hasn't just come out and said when I/O 2023 will be taking place. Instead, you'll need to solve a series of input/output puzzles, and then “stay tuned for more updates.”

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To start, you'll need to head over to the I/O 2023 Puzzle landing page, where you're greeted with a nice “Hello, again, world” message. Click the Start button at the bottom of the screen, and immerse yourself in the different puzzles. 

Google I/O 2023 puzzles

(Image credit: Google)

But before you do, there's a little progress bar of sorts in the top left corner. 

Clicking the arrow reveals the “Global progress,” suggesting that we won't be provided with the answer until all six circles are filled. Or maybe Google has a trick up its sleeve, and this is just part one of a series of puzzles that we'll need to solve.

Google I/O 2023 puzzles

(Image credit: Google)

None of the puzzles seem too self-explanatory, but thankfully, there's a Clue button in the bottom right corner of every page. You'll select one of the various puzzles from the left sidebar, and get started.

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Google I/O 2023 puzzles

(Image credit: Google)
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Google I/O 2023 puzzles

Google I/O 2023 puzzles (Image credit: Google)
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Google I/O 2023 puzzles

Google I/O 2023 puzzles (Image credit: Google)

If there's one recommendation that we can make, it's to make sure you follow the instructions to the T. Otherwise, you could end up spending too long solving a puzzle that actually turned out to be rather easy. 

Google I/O 2023 solved puzzle screen

(Image credit: Google)

That being said, even after a couple of us completed the puzzles, we're still left waiting to see what Google's next move will be. Instead of revealing the date when the puzzle is completed, all we were presented with was an “Incredible work!” message, along with a button to “observe” how the rest of the world is doing.

That said, these puzzles are usually solved fairly quickly, so it will only be a matter of time before the I/O dates are revealed.


And just like that, the Google I/O 2023 date was revealed. If you head over to the home page, you'll find that Google I/O 2023 will take place on May 10, along with a countdown until the event starts.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also tweeted about the event, saying he was excited about the live event taking place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

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Like last year's event, there will be a limited live audience. However, Google I/O is open to everyone and anyone interested in registering can do so for free.

There will be a mix of livestreamed keynotes and on-demand content, including technical sessions and workshops where Google will undoubtedly reveal updates to its various products.

Google is expected to reveal the full schedule for the event as we get closer to the date.


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