Google announces updates to privacy controls related to browsing history, Password Manager and more

Google announced a few updates around security on Thursday for Cybersecurity Awareness month with the aim of taking the “security burden off users.” The tech giant announced that it’s offering Android users easier access when clearing their browsing history, letting iOS users make Google Password Manager the default autofill provider and making it easier for all user to access its dark web report feature.

Android users will soon have the option to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of their recent browsing history, as well as their site data and recent tabs. With this change, users are getting a new 15-minute option when it comes to clearing history. Previously, the shortest duration when clearing browsing history was one hour. To access the upcoming option, users will have to click the three dots in the top-right corner of their Chrome browser and select the “clear browsing data” option.

Google Password Manager, which is built into the Google app, offers users an easy way to securely save their passwords and sign in faster. Now, iOS users can set it as their Autofill provider so that the Google app can help you quickly fill your passwords into any app or website.

Google is also making dark web report, which is designed to help users see if their Gmail address has been exposed on the dark web, easier to access. The company is doing so by bringing the report to the account menu in the Google app. Google noes that you just need to sign in to the Google app and tap your profile picture to open the menu. Dark web report can be found in the account menu on Android and will be coming soon to iOS, the tech giant says.

Today’s announcement comes as day after Google made passkeys the default sign-in method for all users. Passkeys are password replacements that can confirm your identity based on encrypted biometric authentication methods already available on your device. This process removes the need to rely on username and password combinations, which can be susceptible to phishing and other issues.

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