Fortnite Season 3: Top 5 Most Powerful Guns By Damage-Per-Second (Ranked)

Fortnite Season 3: Top 5 Most Powerful Guns By Damage-Per-Second (Ranked)


t’s been nearly a whole month since Fortnite flooded the map to create Season 3.

Yet still the same question remains, like with every update – what is the best gun to use to kill my opponents with now?

Well, after crunching the numbers it can be revealed that the Rapid Fire SMG is statistically the most powerful gun to use in Season 3.

Looking at each gun’s damage, fire rate, reload time and damage-per-second, here’s a list of the top 5 most powerful guns.

Top 5 Most Powerful Guns in Fortnite Season 3 (as of v13.30 update)

1. Rapid Fire SMG (Legendary)     Power Ranking: 10v

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In Fortnite’s latest v13.20 update the standard submachine gun was heavily nerfed with its damage and fire rate dropped dramatically across each rarity. 

However, the Rapid Fire SMG came out relatively unscathed?

This has made it arguably the best close-range weapon to use in the game. Now the most powerful of any gun in Season 3 so far, the legendary version does 255 damage per second.

In fact, each rarity except grey would be in the top 5 for dps.

2. Jules’ Drum Gun (Mythic)    Power Ranking: 8

Jules’ Drum Gun (Mythic)    Power Ranking: 8

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The Drum Gun is Season 3 mythic gun and can only be obtained by killing boss, Jules.

It does slightly less damage than the Midas’ Drum Gun from Season 2, but it’s still incredibly powerful with 204 damage per second.

If you can get hold of it, it’s well worth the effort.

3. Submachine Gun (Legendary)     Power Ranking: 7

Submachine Gun (Legendary)     Power Ranking: 7

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Not as quick or as powerful as the Rapid Fire SMG, but with the P90 being re-vaulted in the v13.20 patch, the standard SMG is a still useful go-to for quick kills.

Despite being nerfed in the update, the legendary version of the SMG still does 20 damage and has a fairly high fire rate of 10.

Overall its damage-per-second is 200 and still ranks among the best guns in the game. 

4. SCAR (Legendary Assault Rifle)    Power Ranking: 7

SCAR (Legendary Assault Rifle)    Power Ranking: 7

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A fan favourite for many, the gold SCAR is a great all-round weapon in close quarters or for mid-range exchanges. 

The legendary assault rifle is highly accurate and a first choice for thousands of players. It’s just a matter of stumbling across one.

5. Pistol (Legendary)      Power Ranking: 6

Pistol (Legendary)      Power Ranking: 6

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It may surprise many, but the pistol is one of the most powerful guns on the game by damage-per-second. 

With 197 DPS, the legendary pistol is not far off a SCAR. Unfortunately, it also means you have to manually hit every shot you fire out of the barrel in that short space of time to get the desired 197 damage.

Not impossible, but not ideal.

A spokesperson for esports bookmakers Unikrn said “Fortnite fans are persistently looking for the best and easiest ways to kill opponents to improve their chances of winning matches. And by looking at the guns on offer in more detail it can only increase their chances of this.”

“The Rapid Fire SMG has been voted the most powerful gun, according to these statistics, but it’s only a matter of time before new weapons appear – potentially in a new update or most likely in Season 4 next month.” 

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