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Get more out of your streaming services with the Formovie THEATER 4K UST laser projector. This home theater gadget supports both 4K and Dolby Vision for better quality streaming. What’s more, the ALPD 4.0 RGB+ triple color laser light source gives superior contrast and color accuracy. Then, 2,800 ANSI lumens offer vibrant and bright colors that you can enjoy during the day or with ambient lights. So there’s no need to completely darken the room. Moreover, the 3,000 Full-On/Full-Off Contrast ratio helps HDR content give an amazing performance. And you don’t need to devote much space to this projector. It has a throw ratio of 0.23:1, allowing it to throw a 100″ picture just 9 inches away from the wall. Moreover, the bespoke speakers by Bowers & Wilkins deliver an immersive experience. Finally, the screen size adjusts from 80 inches to 150 inches.

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