Elgato x Starfield streaming set offers 15 customizable LCD keys

Gear up for deep space exploration with the Elgato x Bethesda Game Studios Starfield streaming set. Experience seamless control and clear audio with the Stream Deck and Wave:3 microphone.


15 customizable LCD keys: With a simple keypress, streamline any task, whether steering your ship or managing your live stream.

Clear-cut audio: Amplify your voice with Starfield Wave:3. With Constellation’s signature design, your audio remains clear, whether rallying your squad or conversing with your crew.

Starfield details: Discover an exclusive Starfield design inspired by the Constellation logo.

Bonus digital kit: download free icons to personalize your Stream Deck in Starfield style — suitable for any device or model you own.


This microphone and stream deck are excellent gadgets for anyone exploring the world of Starfield.

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