Do You Like WIRED? Do You Like Merch? Guess What: WIRED Now Has Merch

We’re turning 30 this year—we know, we don’t look a day over 23.714; we have good genes—and we’re celebrating this milestone by launching our very own merchandise store. Readers and fans have been emailing, tweeting, tooting, and DMing us for years asking where they can buy WIRED-branded shirts, water bottles, tote bags, and other provocative paraphernalia with our super-awesome logo on it. At long last, we have answered that call—with aplomb, if we must say so ourselves.

So today let’s celebrate the launch of SHOP.WIRED, a new ecommerce kiosk we’ve set up on the World Wide Web. It’s not a big store yet (have you seen real estate prices?) but it’s only going to grow from here. Of course, SHOP.WIRED is the only place where you can buy official WIRED-branded hard goods.

Some of the things you’ll find at SHOP.WIRED: 

It’s a solid starting lineup, and there’s more to come. We know you love merch almost as much as we love spinning up creative designs for things you can carry around. So let’s show each other the love we deserve, shall we?

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