Day One adds ‘Shared Journals’ feature for collaboration with friends and family

Day One, the popular journaling app that I’ve been writing about for years, has been updated this week with a new Shared Journals feature. Day One describes this as “a new way for you to safely share life’s moments with friends and family, while upholding the privacy and security you trust.”

In a blog post announcing this update, Day One explains that you can create a Shared Journal and share it with up to 30 selected individuals.

Shared Journals are a private space for your closest friends and family to shared life updates and memories. Shared Journals introduce a new dimension to journaling, offering a unique way to share your personal stories and experiences with up to 30 selected individuals, while keeping your individual entries private and secure.

Day One’s implementation of Shared Journals also includes interactive commenting and reactions. “Members can leave comments and reactions on Shared Journal entries, adding an additional layer of interactivity to shared stories and experiences,” the company says.

All of this is done without compromising your privacy, as Day One keeps Shared and Private Journals completely separate from each other. The app is also end-to-end encrypted, so only you and your invited members can access the Shared Journals.

Day One outlines a handful of different potential use cases for Shared Journals in its blog post, such as using the feature to create family memory books, collaborative travel journals, wellness and support groups, couples journals, and more.

While Apple launched its own Journal app as part of iOS 17.2, Day One is a far more powerful and versatile option. Day One also integrates Apple’s Journaling Suggestions API, which allows it to take advantage of the same journaling suggestions that Apple is using for its Journal app.

Plus, Day One is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Android. You can download the app for free on the App Store, with an in-app subscription of $34.99 per year to unlock all features – including Shared Journals.

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