Casetify Office Cases hands-on review

Earlier in the month, CASETiFY launched its latest collaboration. Tapping into one of the most iconic sitcoms in history, The Office finally got the iPhone case treatment from one of 9to5Toys‘ favorite brands. After having the covers finally arrive in the mail, today we’re taking a hands-on look at just how these Dunder Mifflin-infused accessories stack up for Apple’s latest.

Hands-on with CASETiFY’s new The Office cases

First arriving on February 16, CASETiFY tapped into The Office by launching its latest collection of accessories. Of course including its signature iPhone 14 cases amongst covers for Android handsets and the like, there’s also more than just cases. MagSafe charging pads, wallets, iPad folios, and other gear also landed in the series, all of which came outfitted with the expected theming from the sitcom.

Now that everything is shipping, CASETiFY was kind enough to send over a pair of its latest covers. So while you can get a full look at what to expect from the collection at large from our launch coverage, today I’m going to be taking a specific hands-on look at two of the different cases in the lineup.

As per usual with its collaborations which fall under the Co-Lab collections, there’s nothing new with the actual form-factors. The company makes a collection of covers already, and with these collaborations just ends up merging its own in-house designs with the iconic imagery of various pop culture franchises and series. In this case, that’s where all of The Office branding comes into play.

We’ve featured CASETiFY time and time again, and I’ve personally written home about the brand’s covers nearly just as frequently. They’re some of my favorite styles on the market for a rugged case that still feels comfortable day in and day out. The rubbery bumper designs also hold up well to use over time, and this came complemented with some fun designs.

CASETiFY sent me two different styles of its standard Impact series covers. My personal favorite of the two is the Schrute Buck offering, which turns the gag from Season 3 Episode 24 into some new bling for your iPhone. Aside from the actual graphic, there’s only a small little logo for The Office at the bottom of the cover that keeps the cover largely free of any other branding. There’s that typical ring around the camera assembly adorned with CASETiFY branding, but that’s a stable across any cover you’ll find from the brand.

The same designs for the whole lineup also apply over to other cases from the company. I previously reviewed the new Bounce cases last fall that launched for the first time alongside the iPhone 14, and much of that unique build it being joined by some other models. Of course, all of them come outfitted with the signature stylings of The Office on display over at the CASETiFY site.

One of my favorite parts of these cases is that even with the theming from everyone’s favorite Scranton, Pennsylvania company, CASETiFY is still delivering recycled builds. Each of the cases are comprised of materials made from recycled phone cases, and it’s just such a thoughtful inclusion.

9to5Toys’ Take

CASETiFY’s latest collaboration is now shipping, and I’ve largely been enjoying these cases from The Office over the past week, but whether they’re worth the cash all really comes down to the designs. If you’ve ever used a CASETiFY cover before, then you largely already know what to expect. And if you find yourself not having wrapped your iPhone in one of these accessories in the past, then there’s a lot to like about the balanced mix of sleek design and protection. So it really does just depend on if you find yourself partial to the likes of Micheal Scott, Dwight Schrute, or any of the other characters from Dunder Mifflin.

They’re a bit costly for sure with $68 starting prices, but the company has time and time again delivered covers that hold up over time. And with more limited-edition collaborations like this, it’s great to see that reliable foundation backed by some fun designs. Go shop the entire lineup direct from CASETiFY while the cases from The Office are still in stock.

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