ByteDance is shutting down its music streaming service Resso in India

ByteDance is shutting down its music streaming service Resso in India at the end of this month as the company shifts its focus to expand TikTok Music globally. Notably, Resso was one of the last active properties for Bytedance in the country after it banned TikTok in 2020.

The Resso app is currently taken off the Play Store and the App Store, as first noted by Moneycontrol. The streaming service is still active for those who have the app, but it’s not possible to purchase a new subscription.

The company confirmed the development and said that it doesn’t plan to launch TikTok Music in India.

“Unfortunately, owing to local market conditions, we can no longer continue to serve users of Resso in India. We have therefore taken the decision to shut down Resso and its associated operations on January 31st. Users will be offered a refund of their remaining subscription fees.” a Bytedance spokesperson said.

India was the last active market for Resso, which first launched in 2020. The streaming service was also operative in Indonesia and Brazil. However, ByteDance launched TikTok Music in both those markets last July. At that time, the company said that Resso would shut down in Brazil and Indonesia on September 5.

In May 2023, ByteDance made Resso a subscription-only service to offer “a better user experience for music fans, while increasing opportunities for rightsholders and artists.”

Until now, ByteDance has launched TikTok Music in Australia, Singapore, and Mexico apart from Indonesia and Brazil.

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