Bluesky launches alternative feeds with custom algorithms

When Bluesky was launched earlier this year, the developers said that the social network would primarily focus on letting users see content from the people they follow. While this remains true, Bluesky is now rolling out alternative feeds with custom algorithms to its users.

Bluesky now has feeds with custom algorithms

Called “My Feeds,” the new feature lets users pin alternative feeds to their Bluesky homepage. It works pretty much the same way as Twitter lists. As a result, you can have different timelines for specific content. There are four feeds available by default, including What’s Hot (with top trending content), Popular With Friends (with things your friends like), and Bluesky Team (which includes posts from the Bluesky developers).

The fourth feed is What’s Hot Classic, which the developers say brings back the “original What’s Hot experience” from when Bluesky was released. But in addition to these four feeds, users can search for more that best fit their interests. And you can access these feeds anytime, even without pinning them to your homepage.

For instance, there are already feeds that only show content from accounts you follow (without likes and reposts), pictures of cats, tech-focused content, and games. While most social networks have been aggressively pushing their algorithms on users, it’s great to see a platform taking the opposite path and letting users choose what they want to see.

It still requires an invitation

Last month, Bluesky was updated with content moderation. But despite all these new features, the platform is still considered beta and still requires an invitation from someone who is already a Bluesky user. It’s unclear when exactly Bluesky will become available for anyone who wants to join the social network, but the team has been making it easier for current users to invite more people to create a new account.

For those unfamiliar, Bluesky is a new social network supported by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey that works pretty much the same way as Twitter but with a more decentralized approach – similar to Mastodon.

Users can access Bluesky through its official iPhone app or website. (via The Verge)

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