Bloodborne 'Remaster' Coming Soon On PlayStation 5 and PC

Bloodborne 'Remaster' Coming Soon On PlayStation 5 and PC


It will also have a PC version. 
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Bloodborne is coming out as a remastered version on PlayStation 5, ScreenRant reported.

The game is coming back and with lots of surprises. First, it has been reported that it will also be released on PC.

Bloodborne is an action-type role-playing game set in Yharnam City where the citizens are infected by a blood disease and pandemic, turning them into scary monsters. The player takes on the role of the “last hunters,” whose goal is to make their way through these beasts and follow the story toward the truth behind the city’s downfall.

It is a game of speed and offense, with the gameplay of electrifying experiences. The visuals are great, and with the soundtrack, it makes Bloodborne one of the most anticipated gaming platforms in the launch of PS5.

Good news for PC gamers

The game is also coming out on the PC, and both these versions are offering a “remastered” take to the original game.

A gaming fan who goes by the name Sloth Mom published a tweet that revealed that the PlayStation version of Bloodborne is releasing alongside the PC version. This fan must have insider information about the gaming console since the digital showcase event has been canceled.

Let’s see what the Twitter post says.

The Twitter netizen also emphasized how From Software is presently working on Bloodborne’s new version and said that it wouldn’t disappoint. With this statement, other fans argued that Bluepoint Games might be the hidden developer since they have created several beautiful ports in the past. These developers are rumored to work on the remastered part of the game.

Newer updates reveal that FromSoft is not doing the port but is going to take a huge role in creating the remaster.

This will be a milestone to look forward to for several PlayStation and PC gamers. It will be a sigh of relief and consolation for them should this become successful since the PS4 version claimed did not run perfectly at all.

With the “remaster” in the name, it is expected that it will have major improvements, making the game better than ever. PlayStation 4 has Bloodborne in its database, and with more updates to come forward, it is best to tune in websites like Tech Times.

More PS5 News

What’s the latest about the canceled PS5 event?

Essentially Sports said in their recent report, “While many looked at this as a noble decision, others were miffed that Sony was altering its plans because of one country. Many even believed that an event like that would have been a positive distraction. Unfortunately, the tech giants did not announce the new date, and doing so may have mollified those unhappy with it.”

There are rumors stating that the event is finally happening on June 12, but this information is not yet official.

“While this is not a far-fetched notion that Sony would delay the event by just a week or two, we would take it with a pinch of salt. Sony is unlikely to make a firm decision until it has an idea as to when the situation in the States will calm down,” the report further said.

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