Bimmy NES Emulator is the latest game emulation app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac [update: developer decided to pull]

Update: That didn’t last long. Bimmy is no longer available in the App Store, which may or may not have something to do with the NES part of the title.

Update 2: Actually, from the developer, Tom Salvo: “I removed the app out of fear. No one reached out to me.”

Bimmy NES Emulator is one of the latest game emulation apps to officially land on the App Store. NES may or may not refer to the Nintendo Entertainment Console.

The app is made for the iPhone and iPad and compatible with Apple silicon Macs. Bimmy is currently available for free after briefly launching at 99¢ today.

Per the app description, Bimmy is a “simple emulator to aid in homebrew game development and testing. Play public domain ROMs and test your own creations!” Bimmy integrates the Files app for loading ROMs and support game controllers and save states.

As part of an ongoing policy update, Apple recently gave developers the green light to submit emulation apps for distribution through the App Store. Apple also changed its policy on allowing game streaming services on the iPhone and iPad. Both changes are applicable globally and not limited to the EU like other updates.


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