Big Oura ring update means wearable can now track your ability to withstand stress

Health tech brand Oura is rolling out a new feature called Resilience that will create an assessment of a person’s ability to handle “physiological stress”.

The tool is coming to the Oura Ring and can be accessed on the official app, where it will be located underneath the sleep monitoring readout with an on-screen rating. These ratings range from Limited up to Exceptional with a few in between like Adequate and Strong. Limited is the lowest grade, meaning you’re not doing a very good job at mitigating your stress level, though improvements can be made. As you can probably guess, exceptional means you’re doing just fine. Stress levels are low, you’re thriving; keep doing what you’re doing. 

Oura's new Resilience feature

(Image credit: Oura)

Resilience readout

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