Beats tipped to launch a new Bluetooth speaker after LeBron James flaunts mysterious device

US basketball star LeBron James has long been part of Beats’ history, during which time he’s also been known to leak upcoming products – and it looks like he may have  done it again. The NBA legend was captured with what appears to be a brand new and unreleased Bluetooth speaker in a reel posted to Instagram (see below) by the LA Lakers. In it, you can clearly see the Pill-shaped speaker has a Beats logo – and it’s on a lanyard, which is something the most recent Beats Pill speaker didn’t have.

The Beats Pill Plus was killed off in January 2022, but it wouldn’t be up for consideration as one of the best Bluetooth speakers if it were still being sold today. It dated back to Apple‘s acquisition of Beats – it was the first Beats speaker to come with a Lightning port, which was Apple’s connector of choice at the time – and was considered by many to be overpriced at launch in 2015, never mind years later when Apple finally stopped selling it.

What we’d like to see in a new Beats Pill speaker

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