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Upgrade your daily routine with the Baracoda BMirror by CareOS smart bathroom mirror. This lovely mirror improves your habits thanks to its health-tracking features. In fact, it includes a high-tech camera with RGB and CCT lighting to capture high-quality images. This lets it offer accurate skin care and health metric analysis. For example, it can tell you that the mole on your back has changed color and suggest you see a dermatologist. Or it can show you how your hair would look in different colors. Moreover, this frameless mirror has a high-quality reflection and a large mirror-to-display screen ratio. Furthermore, the system runs on a gesture and intent-based navigation system comprised of a camera, microphone, AI, and presence detection. Additionally, the BMirror is GDPR-compliant with local storage and includes a camera cover. Finally, this smart home gadget comes in different sizes and shapes.

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