AR HUD display as an AI sports glasses for your active life

Delve into the remarkable features of the QIDI Vida AR HUD display, designed to enhance your active lifestyle and provide intelligent assistance wherever you go:


Augmented Reality HUD Display: Immerse yourself in a 100-inch binocular full-color AR HUD display, ideal for cycling, hiking, or everyday activities.
Voice-Activated Control: Easily manage the HUD display with intuitive voice commands, adjusting settings or capturing memories on the move.
Intelligent Sports Assistant: Receive real-time alerts on pace, heart rate, and other fitness metrics, transforming workouts into interactive experiences.
Seamless Communication: Stay connected with friends during outdoor activities using real-time chat features within network coverage.
High-Resolution Camera: Capture life’s moments with a 48MP camera and ultra-wide-angle mode, offering dynamic and immersive perspectives.
Advanced Health Monitoring: Track vital health metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen, and environmental factors for a safer and healthier experience.
Precision Navigation: Benefit from accurate GPS and RTK technology, ideal for cycling and hiking enthusiasts seeking precise route guidance.
Multi-Functional Design: Beyond sports, the QIDI Vida serves as open-ear headphones, AR glasses, and an intelligent assistant for daily tasks and entertainment.


Experience the QIDI Vida AR HUD display, a revolutionary device combining augmented reality with intelligent functionality for a truly immersive experience in sports and daily life.

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