Apple supplier missing iPhone 15 display output goal, likely costing it OLED iPad business as well

When Apple launches the iPhone 15 in six months, it likely won’t include displays from BOE. The Chinese supplier has reportedly been faced with “technological problems” after trying to win Apple’s business this year.

Citing The Elec and Chosun Biz, DigiTimes describes how BOE appears to have ran out of time to prove it can produce the neccesary OLED panels for iPhone 15 at scale:

BOE is originally expected to supply LTPS OLED panels for application in two mid-range iPhone 15, but has been faced with low and unstable yield rates due to technological problems and thus is almost impossible to start volume production in June 2023.

The report adds that LG Display and Samsung Display are “very likely” to be the sole suppliers for iPhone 15 OLED panels.

Samsung Display is expected to make the bulk of these panels. That’s because the supplier has higher production capacity compared to LG Display.

It is believed that Apple was aiming to bring BOE in the mix to lessen its reliance on Samsung Display. BOE was expected to supply 6.1-inch panels for the upcoming iPhone.

BOE likely isn’t only missing out on Apple’s business for iPhone 15 OLED displays. Supply chain reporting points to Apple launching the first iPad models with OLED displays in 2024.

Samsung Display and LG Display have both reportedly been asked to prepare production. BOE, however, is said to not have received the same request from Apple.

9to5Mac has recently published a number of exclusive stories detailing the iPhone 15 lineup ahead of its debut this fall:

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