Apple says a software update is on the way to fix iPhone 15 overheating problems

Over the last week, a number of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users have complained of their new devices overheating and running at abnormally high temperatures. In response to those complaints, Apple has announced that a software update is on the way to remedy the problems.

Notably, Apple confirmed to 9to5Mac that the new titanium design of the iPhone 15 Pro is not the cause of any overheating problems.

The company also says that the software update coming to iOS 17 does not in any way reduce performance to address iPhone temperature concerns.

iPhone 15 overheating fix coming soon

In a statement first sent to Forbes and also shared with 9to5Mac, Apple pointed out that it’s normal for an iPhone to run hotter than usual during the first several days. As we’ve explained in the past, this is due to iOS indexing photos, searches, and more in the background.

Apple also says that it’s identified a bug in iOS 17 that makes the overheating problem worse for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users. This problem will be “addressed in a software update,” the company says.

Furthermore, Apple tells 9to5Mac that recent updates to certain third-party apps are causing them to overload the system. The company says it’s working directly with those developers to fix the issues. According to Apple, some of the apps overloading the iPhone CPU and causing devices to overheat are Asphalt 9, Instagram, and Uber. Instagram issued a fix for the problem on September 27, Apple says.

We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected. The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity.

We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update. Another issue involves some recent updates to third-party apps that are causing them to overload the system. We’re working with these app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out.

Apple also confirmed to 9to5Mac that the titanium design of the iPhone 15 Pro is not to blame for any overheating problems, contrary to what some reports stated earlier this week. The company says the new design actually leads to better heat dissipation than previous iPhones with stainless steel. This is likely because of the new internal aluminium sub structure.

Finally, Apple stresses that there is no safety risk to iPhone users and that there is no impact to long-term performance. iOS features a robust system to prevent overheating. If interior components get abnormally hot, iOS will protect those components by attempting to regulate their temperature. 

There’s no word on when this iOS 17 update (likely iOS 17.0.3) will actually be released, but we’d expect it sooner rather than later.

As of right now, Apple has released iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, and iOS 17.0.2 to the public. The company is also beta testing iOS 17.1, which is expected to be released in late October. Forbes specifically says that iOS 17.1 “does not involve reducing performance in order to address the issue of the iPhone’s temperature.”

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