Apple Claims iPhone 12 Will Not Include Earbuds in the Box, Charger...

Apple Claims iPhone 12 Will Not Include Earbuds in the Box, Charger to Be Sold Separately


Is Apple selling its iPhone 12 device and its hardware separately? In this case, you might be now thinking about preparing your budget.

According to Gizmodo, the iPhone 12 may have a different packaging when it launches in the market later this year, compared to previous units. The charger will not be inside the box, but will reportedly be sold separately.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published a research note to the media saying that Apple will release its new 20W powder adapter “as an optional accessory” and the end product of its current 5W and 18W adapters when the phone launches in the next few months.

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Is Apple selling the charger and earbuds for its iPhone 12? Here are the details.

Based on a leaked image published by @laobaiTD on Twitter, the 20W charger may have a similar look to the 18W version with a USB-C power adapter for faster charging. The company first included these types of adapters with the iPhone 11 Pro devices in 2019.

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No earbuds too?

Aside from separating the charger from the iPhone 12 box, the company is also saying it is not including its EarPods with the packaging of the newest iPhone. Kuo said in the research note that he expects the company to leave out this feature, which has been included since the iPhone’s original launch over a decade ago. Is it to drive more demand?

The company has been making significant changes in the packaging for the upcoming iPhone lines, and perhaps in the future units, 9to5Mac reported.

Furthermore, Apple is saying that it wants to keep selling the iPhone 12 phone at a similar price range with the iPhone 11, and “removing the in-box accessories will offset the cost of the 5G networking components,” the report added. 

Instead of buying this twice, it is set to reduce this size of the packaging, lowering the freight costs from the company’s end, and is also a sustainable move, Benjamin Mayo wrote. 

Research notes

“It’s not clear if the Lightning cable is still included. For comparison to Apple’s other products, the Series 3 Apple Watch includes the magnetic charging cable but does not come with the wall plug or power adapter,” he added.

The analyst also pointed out that the previously-captured photo of the 20W power adapter is considered “legitimate” but will not come with the main phone device. Instead, it will be sold as a separate device and optional buy. He emphasized Apple is not continuing with the current 5W and 18W chargers in favor of the newer 20W model. 

For the upcoming iPad line of Apple, consisting of the newest 10.8-inch iPad to be launched later this year, alongside the 8.5-inch iPad mini in the first half of 2021, he believes Apple will bundle the power adapter this time.

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