Anker Qi2 charger excites with compact 3-in-1 design, 15W speeds

Anker’s first wave of new Qi2 chargers have officially begun shipping after months of waiting. I’ve been trying out a few of them for the past few weeks, and out of everything, the new MagGo 3-in-1 Charging Station has been my favorite. It’s the first from the company, and has won me over by shipping all the bells and whistles like 15W MagSafe, Apple Watch fast charging, and a compact build – all for $110.

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Anker took to CES 2024 this year with news that it would be officially shipping its first wave of 15W Qi2 devices. Amongst other chargers, power banks, and multi-device docks, I have been trying out the new MagGo 3-in-1 Charging Station as my go-to desktop dock. As you can probably expect from its name, there’s the ability to charge up three devices at once – iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

It backs that versatile design with a compact build. This is easily one of the smallest 3-in-1 docks out there, with full 15W magnetic charging thanks to its main 15W pad. There’s also some other frills that more than justify the $110 price tag, like Apple Watch fast charging and the fact that a 40W wall adapter and USB-C cable are included in the packaging.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Unlock the power of high-speed 15W charging, backed by Qi2 certification.
  • Seamlessly compatible with MagSafe, it’s high-speed charging redefined. 
  • At only 6.9 oz, this wireless charging station boasts a size comparable to a deck of cards when folded and weighs less than a baseball. 
  • Quickly power up your Apple Watch Series 9 to 47% in just 30 minutes thanks to the MFW certification.
  • Charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously, all while enjoying the versatility of the built-in adjustable stand.

9to5Toys’ Take

For the past year, I have been ranting and raving about how Anker’s Cube charger is my favorite 3-in-1 MagSafe dock on the market. Now, it has a new challenger. The rollout of Qi2 is giving those official MagSafe offerings a run for their money, and Anker is making a splash with the new MagGo 3-in-1 Charging Station, amongst the rest of its new gear.

It really is that compact design that made this be the first charger I had to review from the new Anker Qi2 lineup. I’m a sucker for these kinds of form-factors, and just had to see how it stacked up. I’ve been using it for the past month, after Anker hooked me up with the new MagGo collection ahead of the official launch earlier in January.

The real bottom line here is that Anker has made all of the right compromises to make this the new king of multi-device chargers. I still adore my tried and true MagSafe Cube, but for anyone not looking to spend the extra cash, this new 3-in-1 station is going to be a far better buy – especially at its $110 MSRP, let alone at a sale price that will inevitably pop up. But I am getting a little ahead of myself.

Qi2 tech is the real star of the show here, and I have to say that it’s making great use of that spotlight. For most intents and purposes, I can hardly tell the difference between an official 15W MagSafe stand and the new, more open alternative. This new standard is all about lowering the cost of these magnetic chargers that offer full 15W speeds, and the Anker 3-in-1 MagGo Qi2 charger does just that. It also has Apple Watch fast charging on its cute fold out puck that hides underneath, as well as a Qi pad that is underneath the holding iPhone dock.

Anker’s new Qi2 charger versus last year’s MagSafe Cube

Before I said that it makes all of the right compromises. But what I really meant is that it puts the charging features ahead of everything else. It checks all of the boxes for your iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 setup with the fastest speeds for both, though does drop the quality a bit from other, more premium releases I’ve tried from Anker. It’s not that the plastic shell used for the charger is cheap, but the whole package just doesn’t have the same heft or high-end feel that I’ve seen before.

This does have its strengths for using the Anker 3-in-1 MagGo charging station as a way to bring Qi2 tech on trips with you, or just to keep in your bag. The design is so compact that it really does just go anywhere in a way that even my beloved Anker MagSafe Cube can’t. The build is hardly any bigger than a power bank when it’s all folded up, and it takes any USB-C input for power – so you can use your own favorite adapter and cable.

All said and done, Anker’s first 3-in-1 Qi2 charger to officially ship has won me over. It makes such a good first impression for what’s to come from chargers in the future based around the standard, with all of the perks of official MagSafe in a more affordable package. Plus, it’s as compact as you’ll find if you’re after a portable option for charging up your iPhone 15 away from home, too.

I’ll be checking out the other new Anker Qi2 chargers in the near future, so stay tuned for those reviews.

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