40% of iPad users keep their device for 3 years or more, what about you? [Poll]

We just saw a new study from CIRP that says a growing group of iPad owners are keeping the tablet longer than ever before upgrading. What about you? We’re curious, how long are you waiting between iPad purchases?

In case you missed it, CIRP’s data showed an increasing trend in the iPad ownership lifecycle.

Notably, the percentage of users waiting 3 years or more has grown from 28 to 40% since 2022. And those who would upgrade in 1-2 years went from the largest share at 34% in 2022 to 25% in 2024.

Many of the comments in that post echoed the preference to wait 3 years or more for upgrades. And the top rated comment by user “Null” was:

I’ve gone from the iPad 3 to the iPad Pro (1st Generation) to the iPad Pro M1.

I don’t see a reason to update frequently because the hardware is made to last and the OS features don’t take advantage of the new hardware.

I hope my M1 lasts me another 3 or 4 years.

Poll: How long do you wait for iPad upgrades?

What about you? Are you in the 3 years or more camp? Or no?

We’ll keep the same time frames as what CIRP used and share more context on why you like to keep your iPads for the time you do in the comments!

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