17 Best Wireless Earbuds (2023): Truly Wireless, Cheap, Luxe, and More

Every month seems to bring new sets of earbuds with longer battery life and more compact designs. As such, we can’t list everything we like. But if you’re still hunting, here are some other recommendations.

OnePlus Buds Pro for $130: These AirPods-esque earbuds sound great, look great, and work just about the same as the Apple product, though they’re designed for Android. If you want that, go ahead. I just happen to think some of the designs above are much sleeker.

JBL Tour Pro 2 for $250: When I first saw photos of these headphones at CES 2023, I believed that a screen on a pair of wireless earbuds—to see how much battery is left, play and pause music, etc—would be awesome. It turns out that while the earbuds are totally fine and they are totally decent sounding, I don’t need a screen on the case. At all. I don’t think I looked at it once, beyond testing, while using the headphones. So much for that.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 for $179: Noise cancellation finally arrives on Sennheiser’s excellent high-end earbuds. You’ll have to shell out a lot for them, but they do have some of the best sound quality you’ll find. With this model, Sennheiser also fixed the bug in the first Momentum pair that drained the battery after a week or so even if you didn’t use them.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds for $80: These YouTuber-beloved earbuds are actually a decent cheap pair (7/10, WIRED Review). They are small and light, and they come with an IPX6 rating, which makes them great for workouts.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport for $299: The Sport are a great option that come with active noise canceling and a striking design, but the high price keeps them out of the reach of most people.

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