12 Best Sound Machines and White-Noise Machines (2024): Cheap, Night Lights, Lullabies

Baby Brezza Sleep and Soother for $30: This is super light, can run on batteries or be plugged in, and has 18 sleep sounds and three timer options (or it plays continuously). There’s also a night light with three brightness levels.

Yogasleep Hushh 2 Portable Sound Machine for $30: The Hushh 2 is another great portable sound machine that you should consider. It has six sounds, three timer options, and a nice night light for softly illuminating your bedside table or guiding your way to the bathroom. The brand says this model is its most durable sound machine. I didn’t fling it down the stairs, but it has held up to falling off my nightstand.

My Little Morphée for $100: The Morphee above is great for adults, but this version is cute and designed for kids from 3 to about 10 years old. Senior reviews editor Adrienne So’s 7-year-old loves the stories, which take kids on meditative journeys with an animal companion. Stock tends to fluctuate on this one.

Lectrofan Evo for $57: Another solid option from the brand that makes our top pick. The Evo has a few more sound choices (like ocean noises) and looks nicer, but we prefer the buttons on the Classic. They’re better for fiddling with in the dark. This one also jumped in price recently.

Dreamegg D1 for $36: This one plays a lot of the same sounds as the D11 portable machine, with a handful more fans and a spectrum of noises. The control panel is matte and soft to the touch, and you can set it to play continuously or for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. I tried the white version, but you can get a few other nice colors on the Dreamegg site. The rim also lights up.

Snooz Sound Machine for $100: The Snooz machine has one sound: the comforting whir of a fan, thanks to the real fan that spins inside it. That’s the sound I turn to most so I appreciate that there’s nothing to futz with. It also has a nice fade-in and fade-out feature for timers, so it’s not jarring. The biggest problem is how expensive it is for one noise compared to other machines on this list.

Encalife Sound Machine for $85: This little sound machine has a blue light that you can match your breathing to in order to relax. You’ll also likely find it on sale often, which is good because I wouldn’t spend $85 on it. A very similar model is available under numerous brand names for far less money. Encalife says these are ripoffs, rather than from the same manufacturer. We can’t confirm that, but either way there are better options on this list for less.

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