'Risk of Rain 2' Guide: How to Get and Use Artifacts

'Risk of Rain 2' Guide: How to Get and Use Artifacts


Hopoo Games did not play around when they released Risk of Rain 2, ensuring fans of the first game will utterly enjoy the sequel with tons of content, including one favorite feature from the original title: the Artifacts.

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Artifacts can make any Risk of Rain 2 match more chaotic and fun.

What are Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts?

According to ScreenRant, Artifacts exist to make each run a bit more unique than the last, allowing players to modify their game experience for each round and add a little more chaos.

For example, the Artifact of Glass could make the game even more challenging as it gives a 500% increase to players’ base damage, but the characters are not immune to one-shots and only have 10% health.

While a player could cause huge damage early in the game, the health level could make it insanely difficult to last long.

Nevertheless, they would have to be unlocked first before they can be used at the start of each match; but before they could do that, Risk of Rain 2 players would have to find them first, and the developers do not offer any handouts.

This means players would have to discover everything themselves, regardless of how many times they die in the process, but this is pretty much how experienced Risk of Rain players like it.

However, it can be incredibly hard to find these Artifacts, especially when you don’t know where to start and if you’re a new player.

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How to Unlock Artifacts

But thankfully, here’s a little guide on how players could unlock Artifacts.

Before anything else, you need to be more comfortable using teleporters as you need to reach the 5th environment, the Sky Meadows, by going through 4 teleporters.

According to the news outlet, the environment has only been released with the addition of the Artifacts, and getting into this stage is the essential part of unlocking Artifacts since the Artifact codes can only be input into the Compound Generator, which is found at the bottom of Sky Meadows.

The Artifact codes are located all throughout the game, and most of the time, Risk of Rain 2 players would accidentally encounter them on square stone tablets.

But suppose you’re looking for a specific Artifact. In that case, some hints can help you locate them, as well as online sources that have no problems telling other players where these Artifacts are–but that is if you only want an Artifact badly and you don’t want to go through so much trouble.

Based on the report, some players have already found a total of 16 Artifact codes.

How to Input Code

Once you have found a code, which is actually a 3×3 arrangement of shapes, you now have to input them on a Compound Generator.

To input the code, activate the bulb in the grid until the right shape appears.

However, make sure that the bottom row of the code is the one closest to the laptop, then it wouldn’t really matter the order you input the shapes, as long as they are in the right position.

After doing so, activate the laptop and then head towards the portal, grab whatever you need from the hidden realm and then pick up a glowing Artifact key and use it on the shielded Artifact and begin fighting the regular spawns so they would drop more keys, which you can use against the shielded Artifact to reduce its health.

You also have to remember that the Artifact will be in full effect.

Once you defeat the shielded Artifact, you can pick it up and then return to the same portal and then equip the Artifact before a new match begins.

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