Dude Perfect: Get to Know the Five Best Friends Behind the World's...

Dude Perfect: Get to Know the Five Best Friends Behind the World's Most Famous Trickshots


Dude Perfect is one of YouTube’s most popular content creator groups of all time, gathering a wide range of following and subscribers after clips of insane ‘trick shots’ that its channel is famous for. The group established their YouTube presence back in 2009, and ever since then, their channel has grown and continues to gather huge followings.

Dude Perfect is a group of five college roommates from Texas A&M University who initially made basketball trick shots for fun. They began making YouTube videos back in 2008 and established their presence in the video streaming platform by March 2009.

The group is based on Texas and did much of their ‘trick shots’ at home before all the collaborations that led them to do their world-famous insane trick shots all-across the world.

Dude Perfect is composed of twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hibbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney.

Business Insider’s ‘YouTubers with most subscribers of 2020’ ranks Dude Perfect in the fourth place, having 52.4 Million Subscribers in February of 2020. Dude Perfect is in leagues with famous Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie at 106 million subscribers and Ryan’s World’s Ryan Kaji, with 23.8 million subscribers.

Currently, Dude Perfect is a multinational sports-entertainment conglomerate that is still managed and features the original five best friends. Their current YouTube subscriber count is 52.9 million subscribers, with over 5 billion views on their channel.

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How Dude Perfect Started

Dude Perfect‘s ‘About Us’ video narrated each individual’s personal lives and how the videos started. Apart from the Sports and Trickshot focus of the group, Dude Perfect also preaches about faith and religion.

According to their website, a simple bet that challenged the friends to make incredible basketball trick shots in exchange for lunch and sandwiches started the craze. The whole challenge of the video that made the group famous is topping each one’s skill, and doing better and ‘sicker’ trick shots one after the other.

The group’s first video reached a whopping 200,000 views in the first week that inspired the group to do more. Inspire My Kids wrote that Good Morning America initially invited them for an interview right after their channel’s success.

Dude Perfect also notes that they do not include camera and editing works in their videos, and all are results of hard work, practice, and persistence.

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Recognition and Sponsorships

Not long after their growing success, Dude Perfect attracted collaborations with famous athletes and even sponsorships from sports companies.

Companies such as Nerf and Pringles have successfully sponsored Dude Perfect and are featured in their channel. However, ABC notes that the group does not take in sponsorships from everyone. The group still thrived in generating audience and sponsors with their ‘family-friendly’ content.

Faith and Family-centered Content

Dude Perfect‘s members center their channel and work around their faith, Christianity, and devotes everything to God and Jesus Christ. This is one of the group’s trademarks as they are vocal about their beliefs in their videos and interviews.

Tyler Toney even recounts his church schedules, which is a significant consideration for the group as everyone is devoted to their religion.

Dude Perfect is serious and strict with their content to be ‘family-friendly’ and wholesome, leading them to reject alcohol sponsorships and men’s magazine features.

Currently, Dude Perfect‘s amassed net worth is $20 million that the group uses to support their channel, families, and even giving back to charity organizations.


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